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Essay about culture of nepal opposing essay topics

Michelle Nijhuis. Function-first forms of triage favor species that perform a unique job in nature, such as whitebark pines, which provide vital food for grizzly bears. Evolution-first approaches seek to preserve genetic diversity-from the two-humped Bactrian camel to the Chinese giant salamander-which can help all the world's species survive and adapt in fast-changing environmental conditions.

Other methods refine the popular hotspots approach, which focuses on saving whole ecosystems but may give short shrift to human needs.

Rick Bass. See Orion Magazine for pictures. Brett Forrest. At the height of his fame, he refused a million-dollar award for his work.

Inherit the Wind Essay

Then he disappeared. Our writer hunts him down on the streets of St. Jerome Groopman. Michael Specter. Alan Lightman. His essay takes the reader on a journey through humanity's rapid acceleration of scientific discovery. However, only now are we beginning to understand the true vastness of the universe.

July 13, - In an effort to have the Butler law declared unconstitutional, defense attorney Clarence Darrow delivers a long, fiery speech arguing that the law violates freedom of religion. Darrow argues that "we find today as brazen and as bold an attempt to destroy learning as was ever made in the Middle Ages. July 14, - In the third day of the trial, Darrow objects to the practice of opening the trial with a prayer.

Judge Raulston overrules the objection, noting that he has instructed the ministers who offer the prayer to "make no reference to the issues involved in this case. July 15, - Judge Raulston overrules the defense's motion to have the Butler law declared unconstitutional. Raulston says in his ruling that the law "gives no preference to any particular religion or mode of worship.

Our public inherit the wind essay are not maintained as places of worship, but, on the contrary, were designed, instituted, and are maintained for the purpose of mental and moral development and discipline. In an afternoon session that day, a not guilty plea is entered on Scopes' behalf. Each side presents its opening statements. The prosecution questions the superintendent of schools and two of Scopes' students, who testify that Scopes taught his class about evolution.

The defense questions zoologist Maynard Metcalf, who testifies that evolution is a widely embraced theory in the scientific community. July 17, - Judge Raulston rules in favor of a motion by prosecutors to bar expert testimony by scientists. Raulston argues that the experts' opinions on evolutionary theory would "shed no light" on the issue at hand in the trial - whether Scopes violated the state's anti-evolution laws.

Many reporters leave town, believing that the trial is effectively over. Scopes is recruited to write news stories on the trial for some of the delinquent journalists. July 20, - With the proceedings taking place outdoors due to the heat, the defense - in a highly unusual move - calls Bryan to testify as a biblical expert. Contact Info Pres. Stop Grand Forks, ND, The works of various scientists in society were not allowed because they went against the teachings of God in several ways.

Many people believed that God created human beings. Therefore, there was no reason to believe that man could have actually evolved from apes. The movie confirms some of the experiences that scientists went through in the traditional society.

In fact, the experiences that the teacher goes through in the movie compares closely with the experiences that other scholars went through in early Internet sources and various books confirm this.

After a heated argument, Drummond while representing the estranged teacher, requested Brady, the theologian and three times presidential candidate, to explain the why the findings of Darwin were inaccurate. Brady was well versed on matters related to the Bible. For him, explaining the teachings of the Bile was not an issue. Drummond was the best lawyer since he cross-examined the theology scholar until a common ground was reached.

Brady was unable to explain clearly some of the controversial issues. He mockingly refers to this type of faith as, "Window shopping for heaven," while Brady calls religion the "golden chalice of hope" for the residents of Hillsboro Inherit the Wind. Here, Kramer presents his. Show More. Read More. Stephen P. Even as staunch a defender of evolution as Henry Fairfield Osborn found the notion of a close relationship between humans and questions inherit the wind major themes great apes annotation paper. Osborn's trees revealed a profound ambivalence about human evolution.

Indeed, the trial seems to have ignited an already smoldering disagreement between Osborn and many of his colleagues over the evolutionary distance separating humans and anthropoid apes. Osborn insisted more and more forcefully--and publicly--during and after the trial that the lineage that led to humans had split off from the rest of the primates as long ago as the Eocene--at the base of the human family tree--a theory in which very few evolutionary scientists concurred.

Increasingly, Osborn attempted to reassure a hesitant public by suggesting that the "ape-man theory" of human descent was a myth, which would eventually be replaced with his own far more palatable "dawn-man" theory.

William King Gregory engaged in public debates with his mentor in which he suggested that Osborn's religious convictions had clouded his scientific judgment. Gregory perceived Osborn's debates with Fundamentalists as ironic, remarking that Osborn, a religious and conservative person, sought to resolve concerns about human ancestry "by abolishing apes" from the family tree.

While antievolutionists such as Bryan demanded that diagrams put spatial distance between the human and the ape, Osborn, who had spent most of his life thinking in terms of geologic time, insulated humans from their anthropoid relatives by allocating extra millions of years to the recent period for the two lineages to grow apart.

He tried to accomplish this buffering not only by altering the shapes of family tree diagrams but also--through his influence on artists and scientists who created them--in the design of busts and murals depicting human ancestors.

Pictorially, the distance between early and more recent human ancestors could be represented rather subtly. A popular display at the American Museum, a series of busts of hominids created by the biologist J. McGregor, again under Osborn's direction, attempted to illustrate not only the appearances of human ancestors but also the method used to reconstruct 5 paragraph argumentative essay topics from fossils.

See figure 9. Incorporating McGregor's method in its display, for example, by including busts that exposed the skull on one side of the head and displayed a fleshed-out image on the other, the exhibit emphasized scientific objectivity.

In an article in Natural History, the museum's journal aimed at a popular audience, McGregor wrote that in reconstructing the features of a Neanderthal male from fossils he had "tried to be conservative, to follow only the guidance of anatomical fact, minimizing my personal equation in the work as far as possible, and avoiding any inclination to make the result either bestial or brutal. Scrupulously scientific as he intended to be, McGregor cautioned readers that busts reconstructed from fossil evidence could never be "individual portraits, but type models or racial portraits.

Expeditions financed by the American Museum fanned out across central Asia in search of hominid fossils that might prove that continent to be the "birthplace" of humankind, dismissing claims for Africa and discounting the discovery of the first specimen of Australopithecus africanus.

The links between racial prejudice and the search for an Asian hominid ancestor were made explicit in a newspaper article by the British paleontologist Arthur Keith.

Conceding that the evidence for African origins of Homo sapiens was strong, Keith insisted that the most advanced of human ancestors, Cro-Magnon, must have come from somewhere other than Africa. Setting aside all archaeological evidence, he wrote frankly, "My preference for Asia is founded on a belief in the virtues of race.

My racial prejudice leads me to seek for the Cro-Magnon cradle--the evolutionary center of the white man-- in. For eugenicists such as Osborn and Keith, a lot was at stake in the definition of Cro-Magnon people. A subtle interpretive refinement in the series of busts for the American Museum served to separate the more recent human ancestors, Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon, from their progenitors.

McGregor made earlier hominids-- Pithecanthropus, or "Java Man," and Eoanthropus, the fabricated Piltdown specimen--somewhat openmouthed if not quite slack-jawedin contrast to the resolute looking Neanderthal and the more recent Cro-Magnon, who vaguely resembled Thomas Jefferson. The museum supplied slides of the McGregor reproductions to many teachers for use in classrooms.

Like many other exhibits from the museum, the series frequently found its way into textbooks and John Doe books. It also adorned advertisements for those books, as well as for books not exclusively about evolution, such as a edition of H. Wells's Outline of History, and even for antievolution books. When the McGregor sculptures appeared in advertisements for antievolution books, the inherit the wind essay sequence of human ancestry was replaced by a single bust, of one of the more primitive members of the family.

Compagnie Le Rocher des Doms » Inherit the wind essay

God--or Gorilla, a well-publicized book by Alfred Watterson McCann, focused explicitly and at length on the exhibits at the American Museum, accusing Osborn and McGregor of duplicity and deceit. McGregor's reconstructions, McCann charged, were shameless fabrications, works of determined imagination based on an appalling lack of evidence. An advertisement promoting the book, referring to "the Tadpole and Monkey Theory of Evolution" as "barnyard materialism" was illustrated with a single picture, a reproduction of McGregor's openmouthed Pithecanthropus.

A privately published antievolution book by Nathan G. Moore, a lawyer, also reproduced McGregor's figures but on widely separated pages, emphasizing his contention that the sequence was imaginary. This sort of thing must have exasperated Osborn, who revealed in an essay in the Forum, "I am perhaps more proud of having helped to redeem the character of cave men than of any other single achievement of mine in the field of anthropology.

In a issue of the Forum, he recounted a trip to see cave paintings in Europe, recording his admiration for the artists. See figure The silhouette came from a magnificent painting by the artist Charles R. Knight, part of a series for exhibit at the museum, depicting what Osborn called the ascent from Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon and painted, as usual, under Osborn's direction.

Inherit the wind essay religion vs science

Among the most popular exhibits at the American Museum, these murals of early humans represented an unusually large investment, and they were widely disseminated by reproductions in books for John Doe.

Knight composed his painting to focus on the Cro-Magnon artist, a shaft of light in a technique reminiscent of the tradition of European Christian religious art highlighting the production of a sophisticated cave art.

Osborn and Knight clearly intended this Cro-Magnon artist to represent the gulf separating early from advanced humans--the difference was art. This painting represents the essence of Osborn's response to concerns, like Bryan's, about the place of the human soul in evolution. In The Earth Speaks to Bryan, Osborn asserted, "We naturalists accept as transcendent the teaching that the universe is by no means the result of accident or chance, but of an omnipresent beauty and order, attributed in the Old Testament to Jehovah, in our language to God.

Merriam, and Charles Doolittle Walcott, all eminent figures. To be close-minded means to have or show a rigid opinion or a narrow outlook. Lee portrays themes that show how and why the people of Hillsboro are close-minded. The three main themes of this play are the triumph of knowledge and thought over ignorance, the right to think, and progress and thought versus standing still. These three themes allow the reader to understand the reason why the people of Hillsboro have fixed opinions and how the….

The Wikipedia article about Scopes, Inherit the Wind and personal experiences can help explain how we see the ways of knowing being used in actuality. Through one of the ways of knowing, physiology, we can prove out existence on earth.

We are living humans and we do need certain things to survive. Essay on Inherit the Wind: Religion vs. Published by admin at.Explain how the conversation between Howard and Melinda serves as an introduction to the basic conflict in the play. Previous Full Glossary for Inherit the Wind.

The scopes, relationships, recently authored a play inherit the borderless common. Literary ring to chomsky's reply to pages this ill wind summary. Origins: the film inherit the wind summary essay writing assistance and time-averaged field analysis. The playwrights, Questions inherit the wind major themes and Lee, introduce a chain of opposites, or a notion of "doubling. The characters of Brady and Drummond are distinguished as very contradictory. Although they are both lawyers, they have extremely conflicting views on thinking.

On jingle bells homework smells lesson plan inherit the wind essay, Brady is very closed-minded. He truly believes in the bible and that one God created earth and everything on it. On the other hand, Drummond is very open-minded. He deems the appropriate decision for this case is the freedom to think. As the defendant for Bertram Cates, Drummond upholds his beliefs of natural, scientific evolution.

Cates questions the law and customs of the Hillsboro community. He is faced with vast hostility and disapproval amongst the townspeople and must put together a verdict whether or not to continue his case. This evidently creates a conflict between man and society.

He may have seemed strong in the beginning but he no substance under the shell. Such a false front can be compared to water behind an earthen dam. It may hold some water for a time but once the water finds a weak point, the whole structure comes crashing down along with the fury of all the water behind it. Within brady, the water represents the gooey inner core of his personality.

Questions inherit the wind major themes

Once he loses his composure in front of his once adoring audience the entire fluid of his persona comes crashing out Inherit The Wind Essay. In Dayton, Tennessee, in Julyin the case Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes also known as "The Monkey Trial"he was tried, convicted, and fined for violating the law. Upon hearing of the Butler Law, which prohibited the teaching of evolutionary theory in Tennessee's public schools, the American Civil Liberties Union ACLU in New York, a union that defends constitutional freedoms, sought to test the constitutionality of the law.

It advertised in Tennessee newspapers for a teacher willing to challenge the law and offered to pay all trial expenses. Rappleyea spoke to other community leaders about the ACLU offer, and they agreed that a trial generating national attention would benefit the economy of Rhea County.

Rappleyea and the other town leaders summoned before them John Scopes, a 24 year-old science teacher and coach at the local high school who had substituted for the biology teacher during the last weeks of school. Scopes told the town leaders that, while substituting, he used a textbook entitled A Civic Biologywhich contained evolutionary theory.

The town leaders informed Scopes of the Butler Law and asked whether he would be willing to challenge the law. Scopes agreed, and within a short time, the town constable arrested him. Afterwards, Scopes, who was never jailed, returned to the tennis game from which he had been summoned. Rappleyea sent a telegram to the ACLU informing them of Scopes' arrest; other town leaders notified Tennessee newspapers.

Reporters arrived in Dayton from all over the United States and the world. The Baltimore Sun sent H. Mencken, a famous columnist known for his cynicism and wit, to cover the trial. The Sun inherit the wind essay religion vs science offered to pay Scopes' fine if he was found guilty. Media focus on Scopes' arrest attracted the attention of William Jennings Bryan, a three-time presidential candidate, great orator, and fundamentalist who volunteered to prosecute the case.

When Clarence Darrow, agnostic and famous criminal attorney, learned that Bryan was involved in Scopes case, he volunteered to defend Scopes. He realized that the case was no longer about Scopes' guilt or innocence; inherit the wind essay religion vs science it was a battle between fundamentalism and freedom of thought. In this story, Bert Cates is put on trial for going against the Tennessee law prohibiting the Evolutionary theory of the creation of mankind being Lee, of wuthering heights essay free controversial subject: creationism versus Darwinism.

Hillsboro is extremely determined to defend The authors, Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Henry Drummond is vital in this discovery because of his firm belief that one should hold this right. Lee, written inis an exceptional play that depicts the events of the Scopes Trial in Previous to the trial, the Butler Act was passed Copy the critical lens statement.

Restate the critical lens statement by paraphrasing it in your own words. Critical Essay 2. Critical Essay 3. Topics for Further Study. Compare and Contrast. What Do I Read Next?

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