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The most straight forward method is that in which the system determines the flow of the interactive session by prompting the user with questions and asking for data, to be inputted. In this instance, the user can not volunteer information. In systems, where the initiative is shared, the whole decision making process is shared between user and system.

In a diagnostic system, the users can select a hypothesis and at each stage comment as to whether to continue along the same route or change it.

Obviously, this type of system is much more complex to design.

Components of expert system

Design and Planning Expert System. Monitoring and Control Expert System. Identification Expert System. Advantages of Expert System. All mention below such as Enhance dececious quality. Reduces the cost of consulting an expert for solving the problem. Provide a quick and efficient solution to a problem. Offers high reliability.

It can tackle a very complex problem that is difficult for a human expert to solve. Gathers scare expertise and use it efficiently. System engineers trained in the use of ES technology regarded expert system technology as merely another software methodology.

Thus, from the beginning they addressed the problems of system integration and development methodology. Fujitsu's ESHELL, until recently the number one seller, was based on a blackboard architecture which facilitated integration.

Fujitsu software engineers were also able to adapt, for better or for worse, the waterfall model of software development to ES development. All this indicates that the Japanese have already made substantial investment, and have a broad experience base, in the process of ES development.

Expert System: Meaning, Classes and Advantages - MIS

Combined with their early experience in building expert systems on mainframe computers and in integrating expert systems with other systems, Japanese software engineers seem well prepared for building large expert systems and conventional systems containing expert system components.

Most ES tools contain similar features. The reasoning methods include forward chaining and backward chaining. And, most tools have facilities for generating explanations of the application programs' reasoning. Japanese ES tools are technically indistinguishable from U. In the most general sense, fuzzy logicinvented by Lotfi Zadeh Zadehis a multi-valued logic to express different degrees of certainty or uncertainty of assertions.

Since expert systems contain heuristic knowledge, they must have a way of dealing with the problem of expressing and reasoning with uncertain data and inexact knowledge. Among the Japanese, fuzzy logic is an extremely popular solution for this problem. It is most popular among control engineers. There are other components that are relatively common in an expert system, but are not strictly needed. Working memory contains the data that is received from the user during the expert system session.

Values in working memory are used to evaluate antecedents in the knowledge base.

Components of a police report

Consequences from rules in the knowledge base may create new values in working memory, update old values, or remove existing values. The method by which an expert system reaches a conclusion may not be obvious to a human user, so many expert systems will include a method for explaining the reasoning process that lead to the final answer of the system.

The knowledge base includes three of knowledge such as: Factual knowledge Heuristic knowledge, and Meta knowledge The factual knowledge consists of facts about the domain, say, finance, medicine, design, etc.

Meta knowledge enables the expert system to use and analyses facts, extract those facts and specify the route to a solution. It refers to the ability of an expert system to learn from its own experience. The knowledge base contains data and facts relevant to a problem components of expert system.

The most common way to represent knowledge in expert systems is in the form of rules such as if ……then statements. Semantic networks and frames are other forms of knowledge representation in expert systems. The inference engine contains reasoning methods. It is a piece of software that probes the user and searches the knowledge base for the appropriate solution. The user interface links the user with the expert system. User Interfaces Types of Computer 2. Computer Networks What is a Network?

Why Use Networks? Why Not Use Networks?Carrying inventory comes with a certain degree of risk. This risk is a component of the cost of carrying inventory.

When a company stocks items in the warehouse there is always the risk that the items may fall in real value during four components of emotional intelligence period they are stored. If a company stored parts for their work centers or equipment, but those parts were replaced with a new version, the parts in the warehouse could be worth far less than the price that was originally paid. In the retail industry, the risk is much higher as finished items may be seasonally specific. If the items remain in the warehouse too long, the value may be a fraction of the original worth.

By Joshua Kennon. Let's take a moment to look at these two forms of capital a bit more closely. Contributed capital: T he money that was originally invested in the business in exchange for shares of stock or ownership Retained earnings: Profits from past years that have been kept by the company and used to strengthen the balance sheet or fund growth, acquisitions, or expansion. Long-term bonds: Generally considered the safest type because the company has years, even decades, to come up with the principal while paying interest only in the meantime.

Cost of capital could be said as the the cost of the funds that the firm deploys in the business. There are three components of this and this response analyses the component 'discount rates using the idea: historical data implicitly assuming the future will resemble the past'.

Cost of capital represents a hurdle rate that a company must overcome before it can generate value, and it is used extensively in the capital budgeting process to determine whether a company should proceed with a project. The cost of definition essay sample concept is also widely used in economics and accounting.

Wise company management will only invest in initiatives and projects that will provide returns that exceed the cost of their capital.

Cost of capital, from the perspective on an investor, is the return expected by whoever is providing the capital for a business. In other words, it is an assessment of the risk of a company's equity. In doing this an investor may look at the volatility beta of a company's financial results to determine whether a certain stock is too risky or would make a good investment.

A firm's cost of capital is typically calculated using the weighted average cost of capital formula that considers the cost of both debt and equity capital.

Each category of the firm's capital is weighted proportionately to arrive at a blended rate, and the formula considers every type of debt and equity on the company's balance sheet, including common and preferred stock, bonds and other forms of debt. Every company has to chart out its financing strategy at an early stage. This approach has no relevance to the company.

Radiant Ltd. The current market price of share is Rs. Calculate the cost of equity capital as per dividend yield method. Fox Ltd.

Components of valid research

The company has incurred issue expenses of Rs. Calculate the cost of equity share capital. Will your answer be different if the current market price of share is Rs. Since the equity shares are newly issued, the cost of capital of it can be calculated as follows:.

Expert system

In case of existing equity shares, market price is to be taken as basis for calculation of cost of equity capital as follows:. Equity shareholders will normally expect dividend to increase year after year and not to remain constant in perpetuity. In this method, an allowance for future growth in dividend is added to the current dividend yield. It is recognized that the current market price of a share reflects expected future dividends.

The equity of Mercury Ltd. The expected current year dividend per share is Rs. Calculate the cost of equity capital. Sun Ltd. The gross dividends per share over the last four years have been Rs. Calculate the cost of equity shares. The details of dividend paid by Cool Ltd.

Expert system - computer science - Britannica

The current market price of equity shares is Rs. It is expected to maintain the fixed dividend payout ratio in the future. The company has issued new equity shares of Rs.

This is because adding debt increases the default risk - and thus the interest rate that grammar checker company must pay in order to borrow money. By utilizing too much debt in its capital structure, this increased default risk can also drive up the costs for other sources such as retained earnings and preferred stock as well.

Management must identify the "optimal mix" of financing - the capital structure where the cost of capital is minimized so that the firm's value can be maximized. The Thomson Financial league tables show that global debt components of cost of capital exceeds equity issuance with a 90 to 10 margin. If there were no tax advantages for issuing debt, and equity could be freely issued, Miller and Modigliani showed that, under certain assumptions no tax, no possibility of bankruptcythe value of a levered firm and the value of an unlevered firm should be the same.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Cost of equity. Main article: Weighted average cost of capital. Main article: Capital structure. Main article: Modigliani-Miller theorem. Journal of Accounting Research,

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